Vocational According to the HDI, 60.3% of Pakistan's population lives on  under $2 a day (UNDP 2009) and 50% of its 180 million  populations is under 20 years of age.
Vocational Compared to 155,495 Primary Schools (20 million enrolled)  there are only 25,000 secondary schools wutg 3 million  enrolled in Pakistan, allowing a minority of students to transit  and complete secondary schooling.
Vocational Over 66% of Pakistan's 180 million population is under 30  years of age and only 11% of school age population survives  grade X; 5% of the target population make it to higher  education with 2-3% enrolled in TVET programs – thus a huge  untapped potential awaits to be mobilized.
Vocational Of those who do go to school, learning levels are very low  (ASER 2011), 50% graduate grade 5 without literacy &  numeracy competencies of grade II standard
Vocational There is extreme shortage of skilled workforce for economic  growth.
Vocational National level Policies for TVET (education & training)  encourage partnerships for optimum outreach to the youth.
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